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Manish N. Bhatt

Safari [suh-fahr-ee] - Kiswahili for Journey. 

I am an educator and have served as a Head of School, classroom teacher, coach, and advisor.  I have spearheaded programs that promote  effective and innovative teaching and learning, while also caring for the whole person.  I work with school founders and learners of all ages to find their passion and niche. 


Whether you are  student considering university or a family navigating the variety of education options in your community, I would be honored to partner with you to ensure that you and your loved ones find the best fit for their learning style and aspirations. No two people are the same, and neither should be the advice they receive. Learning is a journey. It should challenge you, it should inspire you, and it should give you joy. 


The Future is Bright When the Journey is Right!  



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